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Thoughtfully executed

I don't mind that it's just an intro, I think it looks good. The textures and art palette work really well together and the music fit the mood.

I really like your work, I can't wait to see more.


imjeffhip responds:

thanks dude!

My Goodness

I think that was just about the funniest Flash animation I have ever seen!

Perfectly done, smarter than most video game parodies, and says exactly what we've been all meaning to say about Luke's pre-pubescent voice. Perfect execution, could not give it anymore praise.


Skaijo responds:

Muchly appreciated from the likes of you, bud. This was just a small project that I could finish before school started all over again. I'm a semester away from my degree. >:3

Here's me keeping my fingers crossed.


The art style is always refreshing, and the story never lets me down. These movies are always a nice escape from the every day.

What set this one apart from the others was the choice of music, which I felt was right on track and beautiful all around. Often it seems that the musical number for any Flash piece is out of touch, but the music removes a lot of the friction normally experienced when watching Flash movies.

Thanks for another episode.


The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

You're -most- welcome

Wow, fantastic downvoters for a good video

The video was well edited, polished, humorous, and entertaining for the 8 minutes that it is. The evolution from basic guitar playing to flat-out silliness is just what this game needs to be portrayed as. Extra points for the heavy metal t-shirt and the spruced up guitar, which I think added to the whole efffect. I loved it, keep up the good work.

As a side commentary, I find it interesting that when the Teen Titans Hentai animation fuses original television clips with brand new animation, no one really gives a damn... or when someone uses sprites from a video game, people absolutely love it... but when it comes to Afro-Ninja fusing his new video with some GH3 gameplay video, people blow a gasket. I think everyone needs to just lighten up a bit :).


Weak Argument, Terrible Message

Wait, let me see if I have this right. You have issues with the government, so your response is to make a music-video length animation about the problems facing it without giving a clear platform or objective? This animation is the most misguided, unrealistic view of government and ways to fix it.

If you have a problem with something, do something reasonable about it.

Basically you could have done something awesome with your time. You have the talent, just a lack of direction. If you have a political stance, than god speed to you. But really, your textbook definitions and quotes from the Declaration of Independence are not going to save our media monopolies or whatever else you seemed to pace through way too quickly in the beginning... with everyone suddenly getting angry and taking over their government in a giant war for democracy.

The animation suffers far beyond your lack of focus. You subject looks like the devil, and I hate to break it to you, but portraying your protagonist as the devil doesn't really work when you want your audience to identify with the main subject. If memory serves me right, the devil is typically a negative, non-associated character. And several times the pacing was just irregular and awkward. It makes it hard to understand what you are trying to say (but overall, I had no clue what you were trying to say... besides burn and kill Capitol Hill because you hate our government policies)?

Next time, take your catchy song and do something more meaningful with yourself. I'm waiting for your nonchalant "I'LL DO WHATEVER I WANT" response from other reviews, because really, it fits your "rebellion will triumph!" attitude about things... skewed, illogical, and definitely among those who will sit in the backseat complaining with no solution or guidance.


cyberen responds:

"If you have a problem with something, do something reasonable about it"

It's not very reasonable for you to complain to me about how I chose to express myself. You should do the reasonable thing and shut the hell up because this is an ANIMATION WEBSITE.

Amazing :)

I especially liked your choice of music... amazing selections! Your sense of humor was right on, my non-Newgrounds friends even enjoyed it :). Great job, you have amazing talent.


RupeeClock responds:

It's great to hear that even non-NG regulars can appreciate the movie. :D

Nice to get a review from you, jmtb02!


I can't say I laughed any harder at any inside joke ever. Thanks so much for making this, it was brilliantly done.


Fantastic first submission!

I love your transitional style of graphics, from simple cardboard cutouts to the more traditional 2-d feel. The entire movie was polished and refined, overall just a great submission. Good job!


Cute :)

God I love Sonata Arctica.

Nice little flick you have there. A few of these installments would actually be a nice way to lead up to the release of Brawl.


Sweet Jesus!

Man, that was definitely refreshing seeing some work from you, its been a while! Your animation has really picked up, and you made good use of it for humor and overall quality.

Congrats, can't we to see how this one turns out. Good luck :).


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