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My Goodness

I think that was just about the funniest Flash animation I have ever seen!

Perfectly done, smarter than most video game parodies, and says exactly what we've been all meaning to say about Luke's pre-pubescent voice. Perfect execution, could not give it anymore praise.


Skaijo responds:

Muchly appreciated from the likes of you, bud. This was just a small project that I could finish before school started all over again. I'm a semester away from my degree. >:3

Here's me keeping my fingers crossed.


The art style is always refreshing, and the story never lets me down. These movies are always a nice escape from the every day.

What set this one apart from the others was the choice of music, which I felt was right on track and beautiful all around. Often it seems that the musical number for any Flash piece is out of touch, but the music removes a lot of the friction normally experienced when watching Flash movies.

Thanks for another episode.


The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

You're -most- welcome

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How dare you guys rip off my game. Although it is Luis Day, the season if forgiving. So Happy Luis Day. 10/10.

BoMToons responds:

Imitution is the biggenest form of fartery!

You guys nailed it!

Closure is a beautifully unique idea.

For a game that could have easily been sloppy it had a tight feel to it. You are dealing with single pixels for credible jumping and movement so to have the engine recognize and work with that is fantastic.

It's a very chic game and with it rolling after Aether I am continually being surprised by your ability to go above and beyond. Keep it up.

Additionally, nice job Jon. You did a great job breathing life into this game with subtle but exceptional black and white artwork.


Nice Work

You guys did a really good job, I am impressed once again by your willingness to go forth to help the Flash community.

Next stop is your own book. I have little doubt that you have the ability to perform such a task :).



Depredation responds:

Haha, "The Tutorial Collab Antholoy" :D. Thanks for the review john, means a lot coming from you :).

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Zero, this is perfect for our game!!! Thank you so much, we'll be launching it with Four Second Firestorm. Great job, you are truly an inspiration in music. It's fast, the style is amazing, and it flows in every way I wanted it to... its just incredible.


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Hi Jmtb02! you are truly one of the best animators on NG..and having my music in your awesome flash movies it's an honor!
Keep your masterpieces comin!



I gotta say, this is one of my favorite metal loops yet. I am glad I got to use it in my flash, and hopefully we can collab in the future :). You really pulled the game together with this one, fantastic man!


Chrizzly responds:

Man, that was almost touching...
Well don't forget it's a cover of HammerFall...but still yeah would love collab!...i think the game ownz big time and im actually playing it evry day...reason1) It's addictive and fun like hell 2) I've got one of my songs there ;)...P.S Congratulations to your awards too, you're well worth em!

Great Boss Music!

I have included this is my latest release of Ball Revamped IV as the final boss music, because it is an awesome loop! The flow, the low bass, and everything about it make it perfect for a boss battle. Thanks for your great audio loop!

PERVOK responds:

Thank you! You make some damned addicting games :)

I think I forgot to thank you for using my music in your flash in a review... so I'll just do it here :)

You kick ass! Thank you! :D

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This is really bad ass.

Jindo responds:

Bad-assery is the nature of the beast, glad you like it!

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