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How dare you guys rip off my game. Although it is Luis Day, the season if forgiving. So Happy Luis Day. 10/10.

BoMToons responds:

Imitution is the biggenest form of fartery!

You guys nailed it!

Closure is a beautifully unique idea.

For a game that could have easily been sloppy it had a tight feel to it. You are dealing with single pixels for credible jumping and movement so to have the engine recognize and work with that is fantastic.

It's a very chic game and with it rolling after Aether I am continually being surprised by your ability to go above and beyond. Keep it up.

Additionally, nice job Jon. You did a great job breathing life into this game with subtle but exceptional black and white artwork.


Nice Work

You guys did a really good job, I am impressed once again by your willingness to go forth to help the Flash community.

Next stop is your own book. I have little doubt that you have the ability to perform such a task :).



Depredation responds:

Haha, "The Tutorial Collab Antholoy" :D. Thanks for the review john, means a lot coming from you :).


Cute little game. Really nice mechanic. I had a bit of an issue though, as the screen randomly cut to white when transitioning to level 6/7. A bit abrupt, but nonetheless it was fun. Nice job.


Oh dear. It seems that people are still embittered by the travesty that was the ET video game released for that finagled Atari console. Granted, it was the lighting of the Torch of Lame for the video game crash of the early 80's, but it's beacon surely penetrates the six feet of dirt covering it in a New Mexico landfill?

The graphics were fun and it was a faithful port with your own touches. I give you a solid A for awesome, and hope you two continue your inset of poor video games infused with Pickleman.



It's one of those games that I don't need to get sucked into for hours, which is nice. The game is generally fun to play, being simple at best but that didn't seem to take away from the game. The twitching mad cow was hilarious, especially when I went out of my way not to give it the pills.

The game suffers a bit from some of the mechanics... for example, it's trouble when you have an easing equation that slows towards the cursor when coins are on the edge of the screen, especially since the cursor can get stuck on the edge of the screen. The cow starts slowing down and it gets hard.

Overall, for what it is, it works. Nice job.

Norton3000 responds:

Thanks! I'll fix the slowing down problem for the next version.

Awesome, I don't play it right though.

I love coffee, but I love making people happy. So the best way for me to play this game is to set the lowest possible price to please people, but also making the best freakin' coffee. So what happens? I basically have become a non-profit coffee stand that makes amazing coffee for little profit whatsoever. But in the end of the game, I don't care that my net profit is zero. It's the fact that the Pope blessed my coffee and told me it was a good value. That, right there, is a damn good coffee.

But in all seriousness, the graphics and quality of gameplay is superior for a Flash title. The addicting gameplay made me come back several times, and had me wondering how the hell I could improve anymore on my sales. The real-world market style is fantastic, and all factors are accounted for. Well done!



Picross is an amazingly addictive game. This version of Picross does an extraordinary job packing in features and quality animation/art. Very polished, very good job!

Not many bad things to say about this... possibly a clearer indication of what levels have been finished? Otherwise, nice job!


regulargabs responds:

Thank You, jmtb02!
I'm glad you liked it :D

Quirky and Fun

I love it! I don't know what it is, but something about actually being able to run around a map and do things is exciting. A lot of shooter games require standing in one place, and moving a cursor around the screen in hopes of shooting some fast moving object... but this is definitely a fun take on it, and is executed simply but well. Kudos to your use of 3d, I am sure it was a lot more work then it appears to be :).


josh-tamugaia responds:

The work on the game itself wasn't too hard but making the initial 3D game engine some time back was hard, so overall, yeah, it was hard work. And thank you, jmtb02 for your comments. I will be adding more depth in future 3D games!

I'm Technically Distraught

I like the core concept of the game, but there were a few things that really irked me about the game.

First, the preloader issue. The preloader will not load immediately which is due to linkages and music being loaded dynamically. This can be fixed by setting the linkages to not Export on the First Frame, and to hide them in a movieclip on frame 2.

Second, the element of confusion. I had a bit of trouble finding out why exactly I started glowing blue in a 'rage' or why certain events in the game happened. It makes it hard to try to achieve the same sort of event (or avoid it for that matter), and made the game seem almost random at times.

The foley in the game seemed somewhat off. The nail gun sounded like a pipe bang, and given that sound effects set the secondary mise-en-scene, it made it hard to get in the zombie killing mood.

Finally, I was slightly distracted by the idea that the primary weapon is the chainsaw. Given that the chainsaw is usually an end-all weapon, I had genre-confusion when trying to rip people open with the chainsaw. It seems a lot less momentous to fight a zombie knowing I have been running over it with the chainsaw for about 5-10 seconds.

But there were some strong points. I liked the idea of the zombies running out of the right side all crazy... the element of surprise there was good. I also liked the artwork, which was a bit better than average and obviously well planned. The game has it's strong moments, but the few technical bugs made it troublesome. At one point I started running like crazy, without any sort of control over my protag. Cycling through weapons was like trying to play the game with my eyes closed too.

I still had fun though... you have a knack for programming and art... just need to iron out a few of the edges :).


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