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iPhone Game - I Love Traffic out!

Posted by jmtb02 - November 20th, 2009

Hi friends, several updates.

This weekend I watched Big, after being inspired by BoMToon's game. It was a fun movie, classic 80's. I would recommend it! The game he made makes so much more sense once you watch the movie.

In a couple weekends I'm going to pursue my motorcycle license. I'm taking a class so I don't die as fast. Wish me luck!

Yesterday with the release of I Hate Traffic on AG I have launched my first iPhone/touch game! I Love Traffic is a port of the Flash version and adds a few levels and features. It's a nice little game, only a dollar. I did all the graphics and original programming for the game (got some help to get it to iPhone), very happy with it. Download! Yay! And as a side note, looking for a web job? We're hiring at Armor for a website dev.

That's all, enjoy your weekend!

iPhone Game - I Love Traffic out!


going to buy it now!
can we have the elephant for iphone someday?
he would fit perfectly....

Yeah, this is great!

Putting up a game that took a few weeks to create, looks like a piece of concept art, and can be completed within a half hour will really continue to distinguish the iPhone App Store as a hub of high quality entertainment.

There's a reason why this game is for free on the Internet. It's because I wouldn't pay for it otherwise.

Congrat's on releasing 'I Love Traffic' on the iPhone. The flash game was a blast to play and even scored a 4.30 on Newgrounds! :)

Are you taking a MSF course? That's what I did when I got my motorcycle license. it was pretty neat! They showed me everything I needed to do and I got a waiver so I didn't have to take a road test after passing their tests.

I taught my wife how to ride last summer and she failed her road test the first time around because I forgot to teach her about counter-balancing with the tight and figure-eight turns

Yeah, I'm doing the rider course. Should be fun! Yeah, I'm definitely worried about doing a DMV riding test so it sounds like a good way to go.

Get a Harley Davidson. My father made me ride with him a few times in my youth and it was a blast. Indescribable sense of freedom - accompanied by a pure fear of my brain or flesh grinding against the street.

Still Harleys are awesome. If I see future pics of you riding something that's not your less of a man in my eyes. lol :P

: Congrat's on releasing 'I Love Traffic' on the iPhone. The flash game was a blast to play and even scored a 4.30 on Newgrounds! :) :

LOL! And in swoops Dan with empty congratulatory praise. Heck, it might even be John again, given that they both run the account.

Simply because the the NG community gave it a 4.30 (and of course, it's hard to tell if THAT's congruent with reality given the insane amount of voter fraud on this site), it's still just a score for a FREE browser game.

Before you guys make any ports, read this article:

<a href="http://lostgarden.com/2009/08/flash-love-letter-2009-part-2.html">http://lostgarden.com/2009/08/flash-l ove-letter-2009-part-2.html</a>

You could've atleast updated/cleaned the graphics a bit, still looks like shit although the gameplay was fun.

Thanks for the plug! I'll have to pick up your iphone game :)

If you'll make a game for android i'll give you cake.

do you like this game?